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Her Excellency Apostle Dr. Elizabeth Pedro (CGPA ) is a peace ambassador to the United Nations. She is a certified marriage and Family Counsellor with  The Institute of Marriage and Family Affairs (TIMFA) USA, 

Founder/CEO /Global President of Women Helping Women For a Sustainable Tomorrow (WHW), Founder/CEO of Agape For All Nations Int'l ( Afani), and the  CEO of Serenity Coaching/Counselling Services - a consulting outfit focused on offering training and consulting services on marriage, relationships, and family life issues. 

She is a transformation coach and mentor who believes that every woman is a celebrity as such she supports and advocates for women and girls on the issues that affect them.


Apostle Dr. Liz is a prolific Writer and an award-winning author of the book “A Woman in Her War Room”, a book that has become a companion and guide to women around the globe. 


She is a motivational Singer and a global Speaker who has been featured in high-impact events and has spoken on stages across five Continents and over 15 countries 

She is passionate about Human Capacity Development and loves to speak humorously, using real-life Stories to keep to her audience captivated.


In 2021, Apostle Dr. Liz was listed among  50 Edo most influential women She is a philanthropist and through her Organization, Women Helping Women  (WHW) she continues to impact women in her community, and across the globe with skill acquisitions, and stipends to start-up businesses on various skills they have learned. 


She is a recipient of over 25 Awards in Different Categories and, several Nominations. 


  • Ambassador of Women Empowerment 

  • Award of excellency 

  • Religious & Humanitarian  award 

  • Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award 

  • Generation Equality Naomi Award 

  • Volunteer Vigor Award 

  •  Award Of Commander Of The Most Noble Order Of Peace Ambassador (CGPA )


​Apostle Dr. Elizabeth is the co-founder of Great Shepherd Ministries (GSM) Edmonton. She is an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus. The president of the School of Chaplain Alberta Region of Canada 


Master Coach Practitioner (Online), Ontario Colleges,  

Registered Practical Nurse Diploma, Seneca College , Toronto Canada 

Diploma in Theology Canadian Christen Ministries (CCM) Toronto Canada 

Bachelor's degree in Theology Benson Idahosa  University Nigeria 

Master Decree in Theolog


Dr. Elizabeth Pedro graduated from CICA University USA with Master's Degree in Theology and a Doctorate Degree in Ministry 


Her favorite quote is "When you empower a woman, you empower a nation."

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