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Dr. Elizabeth Pedro (CGPA ) is a peace ambassador to the United Nations. She is a certified marriage and Family Counsellor with The Institute of Marriage and Family Affairs (TIMFA) USA, Founder/CEO /Global President of Women Helping Women For a Sustainable Tomorrow (WHW), Founder/CEO of Agape For All Nations Int'l ( Afani), and the CEO of Serenity Coaching/Counselling Services - a consulting outfit focused on offering training and consulting services on marriage, relationships, and family life issues. She is a transformation coach and mentor who believes that every woman is a celebrity as such she supports and advocates for women and girls on the issues that affect them. Dr. Liz is a prolific Writer and an award-winning author of the book “A Woman in Her War Room”, a book that has become a companion and guide to women around the globe. She is a motivational Singer and a global Speaker who has been featured in high-impact events and has spoken on stages across five Continents and over 15 countries. She is passionate about Human Capacity Development and loves to speak humorously, using real-life stories to keep her audience captivated.

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Who We Are

Headquartered in Alberta Canada, Women Helping Women members are women who strive to make a difference around the globe. Serving currently in over 15 countries with strategic positions in Canada, Europe, Africa, America, Sweden, Caribbean, United Kingdom, etc. Our 36 chapters with over 800 members are helping other women become empowered, have access to opportunities, networking with key resources, sustainable initiatives, and making our society better while building great women.

Our Mission

To create a global movement of women to be empowered through education, entrepreneurship, and skill acquisition in advancing their economic and gender integrity for a sustainable future.

Our Mission

In commitment to our Vision, Women Helping Women is progressing the global work on gender equality through Generation Equality Pyramid of Genderpreneur Initiatives

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